Student learning is based the sum total of their learning experiences in the home, school and their communities

Upon registration of each student, the parent is required to complete the language survey inventory to help Glorious and Gifted prepare to better serve the family. Staff and parents exchange information about the curriculum and its relationship to the child’s development.

We encourage participation in whatever capacity parents are able to contribute:

  • Parent are invited and encouraged to participate in a variety of activities with children – special events, field trips, classroom volunteer, attend parent meetings and workshops, serve on parent committees or in other capacities
  • Program staff seek out and approach family members to initiate conversations about children’s program activities
  • Staff seek input from parents about the program and its relationship to child’s development
  • Families complete a program evaluation or survey annually and results are used for program development
  • Staff and parent exchange information about how to promote and extend their child’s learning and social development at home
  • Staff provide parents with referral and access to support services as needed
  • Staff facilitate access to family services

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